Paul T.

“I contacted Blarion Law & Tinsley Legal because they have a relentless work ethic combined with the highest integrity. James, Peter, and Mary combined their efforts to provide the best service with very responsive communication, comprehensive explanations, and ultimately got the results that were promised through their legal consult. I was completely satisfied with the exceptional service and would have no hesitation to refer them business from my friends, family, and sphere as they are in my golden ring of trust. I’ve sent clients their way already because I know they will be in GOLDEN hands. You can tell who cares most about their clients by the communication that is still provided after the file is complete because they genuinely want your client experience to be nothing but the best.”

Michael H.

“I contacted Blarion because I was fighting for custody of my child and didn’t know where to turn. James and Cera both stepped in and helped me go into it prepared and informed. Custody cases are never easy, but these two handled it gracefully and professionally. Because of them, I now have full custody of my daughter. I could not be happier with they work that they have done for me, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal counsel. ”


“I first met James when he was doing community work at Portland Community College. He was friendly, sincere, and encouraging throughout all of our interactions. This is why I reached out to him when I needed help. I was born in Bangladesh, am a lesbian, and am adopted. My background drives me to serve my community, so I have founded and currently run a non profit. I needed help with some contracts and other business matters. When I contacted James for a referral, he instead took me on and provided the help I needed. 

James not only set aside personal time to help me, he also connected me with his assistant, Joanna, with whom I still communicate and work today. Blarion stepped up to the plate when I needed someone and reminded me why I serve others. When I needed guidance, it was there. When I needed a reminder to breathe, they gave it. Most of all, when I needed a lifeline, they went above and beyond, and helped me and my business thrive. I couldn’t recommend a better team of people to have in your corner.”

Anonymous, Portland, OR

“I called James for some legal advice and he was able to provide the consultation I needed without any charges. My legal situation became heated, and he continued to advise me and to mediate my conflict to ensure my safety. He helped me resolve my problem quickly and professionally which I very much appreciated.”

Tuna C.

“I consulted with James for some advice as I worked through some personal legal matters. His recommendations not only helped me face my situation with confidence, it allowed me to move forward with the knowledge that I had someone in my corner if I needed them. I would say, without a doubt, that I ended up in a better place because of my experience with James.”


“We highly recommend him. We met with Mr. Sinclair, who advised us on the judgment letter we received after going to small claims court. He advised us of our options and we talked about the cost of an appeal. He was very knowledgeable of the laws and what other options we should take. He listened to us and truly cared.”


“My partner and I worked with James to create a non-disclosure/non-compete for a food product as part of our small business. We met with James on 3 separate visits: once for a consult, once to create the documents, and once to finalize the process. The final products are thorough and concise. James is a great guide and resource, and he has continued to provide advice and support when requested throughout our small business adventure.”


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