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Blarion Law is a local law firm that has established itself as a successful business-law resource in the Portland and Vancouver area through the commitment of our passionate and skilled team of attorneys who are dedicated to the growth and success of our neighbors, brothers and sisters, and friends.

Your success and satisfaction is our priority.

The road to success can be confusing and conquering it can tax an individual’s energy and motivation, so Blarion has put together a team of talented and knowledgeable lawyers and consultants who are determined to help navigate that path. We provide the informed counsel and unwavering support that our clients need in order to thrive. Our team is your team, and together, we will secure the future of your business.

Our Team

James A.M. Sinclair

James A. M. Sinclair, James to those who know him, is an attorney and business specialist who was born, raised, and educated in Portland, Oregon. James faced much adversity in his youth and has overcome every obstacle, from discrimination to poverty, that has crossed his path, becoming a beacon for the belief that hard work and dedication does pay off.

After receiving a Bachelor of Biochemistry from the University of Portland, James returned to obtain a Master of Business Administration. He would later attend Lewis & Clark Law School to receive a Juris Doctorate degree and become licensed in Washington State soon after graduation.

Since finding his own success, he has dedicated himself to the mentorship and leadership of those around him. Whether it be in the gym, the classroom, the office, or the courtroom -- James derives his energy and motivation from the success of those with whom he works.

With a desire to use his talents and knowledge to give back to his community and to return to his roots, he stepped in as a tutor and career adviser at Portland Community College, where his academic journey truly began, and was a leader for the pilot program of Oregon’s first Medical-Legal Partnership.

James knows what it means to be successful. He also knows the true value of that success and the responsibilities that accompany it.


Juris Doctor, 2016


M.B.A., Finance and Entrapurneship, 2017


B.S., emphasis in Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2012

Washington State Section Member for:

  • Business Law
  • Solo and Small Practice
  • Real Property Probate and Trust 

Bar Admissions:

  • Washington

Mary Nguyen

Mary focuses her practice on business law and immigration. She has a passion for not only her community as a whole, but also the families within that community. She grew up in Portland, Oregon and was always an active member in her own community and within her family’s businesses. After graduating from De La Salle High School, Mary began her college journey determined to set her own path and ready to face any challenges that came her way.

While studying Finance at Portland State University, Mary found a passion for e-commerce, product distribution, and marketing, and still puts her gained skills to use by lending her talents to local businesses. Her academic adventures took her beyond PSU, to Argentina and back, and into Lewis and Clark Law School where she graduated with her Juris Doctor degree.

Mary will always make time to indulge in road trips, exploration, camping, and music, and will never miss a chance to stop and pet a passing dog, but her drive and dedication is beyond reproach. She has worked hard to give back to her community, filling roles with the City Attorney’s Office and the office of Housing and Urban Development. She also served as a Student Liaison from Lewis & Clark Law School for the Young Lawyers Section of the Multnomah Bar Association, showing that even as she moves forward, she will always remember where she started.

Today, Mary works with Blarion to provide resources to businesses throughout her community. She is excited to see the economic growth continue in the Pacific Northwest and takes pride in her ability to contribute to that growth and to empower those around her to thrive. Mary has set herself up to be a cornerstone in the Portland business community, and we at Blarion are happy to claim her as one of our own. 


Juris Doctor


Bachelor's of Arts in Finance

Spanish Minor, Empasis on Latin American Studies & Marketing


Study Abroad, Spring/Summer

University of Lewis & Clark Law School, Young Lawyers Section of the Multnomah Bar Association

  • Student Liaison

Bar Admissions:

  • Oregon

Cera Oh

Cera Oh is a family law and intellectual property specialist who has traveled around the world, chasing her dreams. Born in South Korea, Cera moved to the United states when she was 10 years old to receive a better, accessible education. After graduation, she stayed in California where she would enroll in the University of California in Los Angeles. 

Cera got her undergrad degree in Biology, motivated by her desire to bring accessible medical assistance to under-served communities. She would soon realize the importance of legal assistance in the medical world and move to Portland, Oregon where she enrolled in the Lewis & Clark Law School so that she could continue to gain the knowledge and tools needed to serve those who are being neglected.

Passionate about her work, Cera has become the pro-bono associate Blarion Law. She fills this role because this is where she sees a need. Cera is that type of person; she does the work that is needed to meet the needs of those around her. This is also why she sets aside time to volunteer at the OHSU Medical and Legal Partnership at the Richmond clinic.

Even though Cera is dedicated to her work and her community, she still finds the time and energy to serve her community and continue her self-care and personal growth. In the little free time that she has, Cera takes classes on Public Health and Computer Science at PSU and expresses her creativity through arts and digital media.

Cera is passionate and dedicated to her clients and to her community. She will do everything she can to serve because she knows the value of the services that she can provide and takes pride in uplifting those around her.


Bachelor of Science in Biology, 2011


Juris Doctor, 2015


Public Health

Computer Science

Medical Legal Partnership of Oregon

  • Pro Bono Attorney
  • Legal Consultant

Bar Admissions

  • Oregon

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